Why Morse Code?

We believe the cultural legacy morse code shall live on in the information age.

For a period of ca. seventy years telecommunication was only possible by way of transmission methods using the Morse code. The Morse alphabet, in the form still officially and globally widespread to this day, was invented a good 150 years ago by the German Clemens Gerke. This art of broadcasting messages by way of Morse telegraphy was and still is only possible if one has specialist knowledge and skills. It is a type of intercultural form of culture and communication that overcomes the barriers of time and space ( Morse Code as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage). The transmission of messages by way of the Morse code is nowadays no longer necessary for technological, economic and military reasons. Morse code is fun to learn (lcwo, N0HFF) and due to its simplicity wide range of experiments with communication technologies can done with little cost.

What is MoIP?

Voice Morse over IP.

For morse code over IP we use the well-establised CWCom protocol (since 1998) invented by John Samin (VK1EME). Its efficient method to transmit only the elapsed times between state changes of the morse key with UDP saves our bandwidth. Shortly after the launch of the original CWCom software Les Kerr released the open source software MorseKOB. He also extended the CWCom protocol for landline telegraphy by implementing closed circuits (latching). Compatibility between the original CWCom server and the MorseKOB server is guaranteed by a relay server written by Bob Denny. Today we have software clients for Windows, Linux, iOS and even Arduino. Any client can connect to any of the servers. Hardware interfaces for morse keys and telegraph sounders are available for serial port, USB, Raspi GPIO or bluetooth.


MorseKOBfaeroes.sdf.org, mtc-kob.dyndns.org7890[Info](http://mtc-kob.dyndns.org/info.html) [Activity](http://mtc-kob.dyndns.org)
MRX CWCom morsecode.dyndns.org 7890[Activity](http://morsecode.dyndns.org)

Software Clients

Arduino, Linux, iOS, OSX, Windows


MorseKOB 2.5 on Windows. Windows: MorseKOB 2.5 is the original MorseKOB Software by Les Kerr. The source code is hosted officially on google. Linux, OSX: MorseKOB 4.0 is a Python implementation including Raspi support by Les Kerr. This version is currently in alpha state.

Linux / OSX

irmc with serial key. Linux, OSX and BSD: irmc is a GPL licensed C implementation of morsekob.

Hardware Interfaces

Bluetooth, USB and serial Port.

Serial / USB

Interface cirucuit description for key (and optional sounder) for serial port interfaces. USB-to-serial adapters are covered.

USB / Serial

A manufactured PCB with interface for key (and optional sounder) for both USB and serial ports.


An interface using bluetooth low energy for key only. Supports iOS app so far.

New development

Lately a new protocol named MOPP has been invented by the creators of the Morserino.